Architectural and Accomodation Modules

Innovative Modular Solutions for Architectural Excellence and Accommodation Flexibility
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At AGNO ENGINEERING, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of Architectural and Accomodation Modules services tailored to meet diverse industry needs. Our expert team specializes in providing advanced solutions for:

  1. Design Basis:

    Establishing foundational principles and criteria to guide the design process for architectural projects.

  2. General Arrangements & Layouts:

    Planning and organizing spatial configurations and layouts for optimal functionality and efficiency.

  3. Panelling, Ceiling, Flooring & Furniture Layout:

    Designing and specifying interior elements to enhance aesthetics, comfort, and usability.

  4. Structural Fire Protection Plans (SFPs):

    Developing strategies and systems to mitigate fire risks and ensure the safety of occupants within architectural structures.

  5. Material Selection:

    Identifying and choosing appropriate materials based on performance, durability, aesthetics, and environmental considerations.

  6. Living Quarters for Onshore and Offshore Purpose:

    Designing residential spaces tailored to meet the needs and requirements of occupants in both onshore and offshore environments.

  7. Upgrading of Existing Accommodation Modules:

    Enhancing and modernizing existing living quarters to improve functionality, safety, and comfort.

  8. Temporary / Permanent Plug and Play Module Units:

    Providing modular solutions that can be easily installed, relocated, or expanded to accommodate changing needs.

  9. Modules for Utility & Stores:

    Designing specialized modules for housing utility systems and storage facilities to support operational functions.

  10. Modular Workshop Units:

    Creating flexible and adaptable workshop spaces for various industrial and commercial applications.

  11. Modules for Hazardous Area and Safe Area:

    Engineering solutions tailored to meet safety standards and regulations for hazardous and safe environments.

  12. Blast Resistant Modules:

    Designing structures capable of withstanding blast forces and providing protection in high-risk environments.

Key Benifits

Architectural and accommodation modules contribute to reduced construction time by prefabricating components off-site, allowing for concurrent on-site preparation and assembly, ultimately expediting the overall construction process.

Architectural and accommodation modules offer flexibility in design and customization by enabling clients to tailor the modules to meet specific preferences and functional requirements through customizable layouts, finishes, and optional features.

Architectural and accommodation modules promote sustainability by utilizing eco-friendly materials, minimizing waste through efficient manufacturing processes, and often incorporating energy-efficient design elements such as insulation and HVAC systems.

How It Works?!

Our Architectural and accommodation modules function through a process of prefabrication, where components are manufactured off-site and then assembled on-site. This process begins with the design phase, where client requirements are translated into detailed plans and blueprints. The fabrication stage sees skilled workers constructing the modular units in a controlled environment, ensuring precision and quality. Once completed, the modules are transported to the construction site and assembled according to the design specifications.