Precision Piping Solutions for Seamless Operations
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Piping Engineering Services

  1. Plot Plan, Equipment Layout, Piping Layout:

    Establishing the spatial arrangement of equipment and piping within the facility to optimize functionality and efficiency.

  2. 3D Modeling:

    Creating a digital representation of the plant layout and piping system to visualize and analyze the design in three dimensions.

  3. Finalization Of Nozzle Orientation:

    Determining the precise positioning and direction of connection points on equipment to ensure compatibility with piping.

  4. Line List:

    Compiling a comprehensive inventory of all piping lines, including specifications and operating conditions, for project management and documentation purposes.

  5. Piping Isometric Drawing & MTO:

    Generating detailed drawings and material take-off lists to guide fabrication and installation of individual pipe spools.

  6. Piping GA Drawing:

    Piping GA Drawing: Providing an overview of the entire piping system layout to aid in coordination and communication among project stakeholders.

  7. Piping Design Basis, Piping Material Specification:

    Establishing the design criteria and materials required for the safe and efficient operation of the piping system.

  8. Piping Stress Analysis:

    Evaluating the structural integrity of the piping system under various loads and conditions to ensure compliance with design standards.

  9. Piping Support Details:

    Designing and specifying supports and hangers to maintain the integrity and stability of the piping system.

  10. Vendor Offer Review And Technical Bid Analysis:

    Assessing proposals and technical specifications from vendors to select the most suitable equipment and materials for the project.

  11. Preparation Of Purchase Requisition:

    Creating formal requests for the procurement of necessary materials, equipment, and services for the project.

  12. Review Of Vendor Drawings And Calculation:

    Verifying the accuracy and compliance of detailed drawings and calculations provided by vendors to meet project requirements.

Skids & Plants Offers by UCE

  1. Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid:

    A system designed to treat raw fuel gas before it enters a gas turbine or other combustion equipment, removing impurities and ensuring proper fuel quality.

  2. Filtration Skid:

    A unit equipped with filters to remove solid particles or contaminants from fluids such as water, oil, or gas.

  3. Water Bath Heater Package:

    A package unit containing a water bath heater, used to heat process fluids or gases indirectly by immersing them in a heated bath of water.

  4. Heater Treater Package:

    A package unit designed to separate and treat crude oil by heating it to separate water and solids from the oil.

  5. Chemical Injection Skid:

    A skid-mounted system for injecting chemicals into a process stream to control corrosion, scale, or other undesirable effects.

  6. Modular Skid:

    A prefabricated, modular unit containing various equipment and components for a specific process or function, designed for easy transportation and installation.

  7. Dehydration Skid:

    A skid-mounted system used to remove moisture from natural gas or other fluids to meet pipeline specifications or process requirements.

  8. Pump Skid:

    A skid-mounted pump system designed for specific pumping applications, such as transferring fluids between process units or boosting pressure.

  9. PSA Oxygen Generation Plant:

    A plant utilizing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to produce oxygen gas from air, typically used in industrial or medical applications.

  10. PSA Nitrogen Generation Plant:

    A plant employing PSA technology to produce nitrogen gas from air, commonly used in various industrial processes such as chemical manufacturing or food packaging.

  11. Preparation Of Purchase Requisition:

    Liquid Medical Oxygen Plant: A facility for producing medical-grade liquid oxygen, used in hospitals and healthcare facilities for respiratory therapy and other medical purposes.

  12. Water Treatment Plant:

    A facility for treating raw water from natural sources or municipal supplies to produce potable water or water suitable for industrial processes.

  13. Incineration Package:

    A package unit containing an incinerator for burning waste materials, often used for waste disposal or environmental remediation purposes.

  14. Boiler Package:

    A package unit containing a boiler for generating steam or hot water, used in various industrial processes, heating systems, or power generation.

Piping Stress Analysis:

    Stress or flexibility analysis of high pressure and temperature , Critical lines using CAESAR- II. Steam Turbines (Main steam line, Extraction, Exhaust lines as per NEMA SM23) Pumps, Heat Exchanger, Tank Piping, Distillation, Column as per ASME B31.1 and 31.3 codes and API Standards.

Key Benifits

Precision piping solutions optimize fluid flow, minimize energy losses, and reduce downtime through precise design and installation, enhancing operational efficiency.

Industrial piping solutions ensure compliance with industry standards, enhance safety, and withstand harsh operating conditions, providing reliability and durability in complex industrial environments.

Pipeline rehabilitation and repair services address issues like corrosion, leaks, and structural degradation, prolonging the lifespan and performance of aging infrastructure while minimizing the need for costly replacements.

How It Works?!

Piping works by facilitating the transportation of fluids, gases, or solids from one point to another within various industrial, commercial, and residential settings. It begins with the design phase, where engineers meticulously plan the layout, size, and materials of the piping system to meet specific requirements. Following design approval, installation involves the assembly and connection of pipes, valves, fittings, and other components according to the designated configuration.